Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pop-up Drawing Class Meets in the Mission

Pop-up Drawing Class Feb. 26th - March 25 - meeting five Friday evenings  6:45-9;00 pm.
Program Cost: $225/five sessions or $50/drop-in Prepay bonus - $200/5 sessions
Meets in 3 fantastically unique Mission locations

 Drawing is hot. I can tell because there is a buzz around the word. It is an action word that conveys exploration of the world on paper while one develops the fine art of seeing. There are many enticing books about drawing being published and sold to audiences who are ripe for the shift that drawing can facilitate. And great videos too https://www.pinterest.com/Vegantempo/art-drawing-video-tutorials/
Our class is designed to be a socially rewarding, in the moment and totally focused, friendly, fast paced, fun and forceful way to wrangle a pencil or pen. Participants can maximize the total experience and practice exercises so they draw without fear. Class is great for both the curious beginner and the seasoned drafter. To register- 415-531-8760 or email jennifer@ewinggermano.com