Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pop-up Drawing Class Meets in the Mission

Pop-up Drawing Class Feb. 26th - March 25 - meeting five Friday evenings  6:45-9;00 pm.
Program Cost: $225/five sessions or $50/drop-in Prepay bonus - $200/5 sessions
Meets in 3 fantastically unique Mission locations

 Drawing is hot. I can tell because there is a buzz around the word. It is an action word that conveys exploration of the world on paper while one develops the fine art of seeing. There are many enticing books about drawing being published and sold to audiences who are ripe for the shift that drawing can facilitate. And great videos too https://www.pinterest.com/Vegantempo/art-drawing-video-tutorials/
Our class is designed to be a socially rewarding, in the moment and totally focused, friendly, fast paced, fun and forceful way to wrangle a pencil or pen. Participants can maximize the total experience and practice exercises so they draw without fear. Class is great for both the curious beginner and the seasoned drafter. To register- 415-531-8760 or email jennifer@ewinggermano.com

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Working in the Public Eye

In 2003, I was part of a fresco painting team doing a demo at the SF Legion of Honor Museum. We had a model sit for a portrait done in true fresco.
My teacher, Jose Gallindo, was able to speak passionately about his work in this ancient medium and generate excitement around this media that was made famous by Diego Rivera and Frieda Kahlo. I am working from a live model who was dressed in Mexican style on a larger portable panel and have the black outline drawn in pure pigment and I am getting ready to mix color directly onto the smooth wet lime plaster that will dry to a bright white. The colors deepen in a short time and become permanent. I love the way a brush flows onto this porous surface. Although it can be challenging to draw and paint out in the open museum, it all worked so nicely, I was able to stay focused and the ambient of the marble lined gallery added to the experience.
It was my choice as to what to do in the background, so I am getting ready to draw in a street with a house that is based on Frieda's home in Mexico City, which is where Jose lives today.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

iPad drawing debut at major net working event

Jennifer was invited to debut her iPad drawings at the 16th anniversary of Every Circle Net Working gala event.
Here is the invite that was sent out and the description of her part in the program
Sketch artist Jennifer Ewing draws portraits from life or photos on her iPad or sketch book  and through her powers of observation, brings out the most powerful facial characteristics of her subject. By having your portrait done, you can see yourself through fresh eyes.
Tony Wilkins, Media Man, sat for his portrait
Jennifer Ewing and everyCircle.com cordially invite you...
After Hours Networking Expo
And 16th Anniversary Celebration
Thu. September 25, 2014, 6-9pm

US Bank Historic Main Branch
300 Montgomery / California Sts-  Downtown San Francisco, CA 94104
Near Montgomery BART
Parking available a block away at corner of Spring and Sacramento Sts

Event Details:  https://www.everycircle.com/en/events/2014sep25mixer

Meet Clients, Network, Grow Your Business
  Build Marketshare, Generate Revenues, Leverage Your Business
  Create Strategic Alliances with Executives, Entrepreneurs,
  Business Owners, Professionals, Community Leaders

Enjoy 5-Star Hospitality
  Exhibitors, gourmet appetizers and desserts, music, and win prizes too!
  In a very unique, upscale, approachable, and professional environment

Thu. September 25   http://2014sep25mixer.eventbrite.com
Advance   $15 or 3 for $30  (by 11pm, Sep 24)
Door:        $20                      (cash or check)

Please bring your receipt. Refunds must be requested at least 24 hrs in advance.
Info: Cesar Plata, 408 352-5932, 239-9006c, cplata@everyCircle.com

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Drawing on the iPad

"Jillie in September" as the subject of my iPad
While on vacation, I took my iPad along and used the program "Brushes" to do some drawing and reconnect with my long time love affair with this digital art media. It has been a few years now that we have had an iPad that we bought especially for the chance to try a different kind of approach to drawing.
Our neighbor, Hugh Buck started drawing on his and starting his blog in 2010. This inspired us to buy ours and begin tackling the learning curve. http://allovercoffeebreath.blogspot.com/
It is hard for me to keep a stylus for they tend to get lost in my carrying bag. So I have grown accustomed to drawing with my finger and letting my finger glide along the glass and adjusting my marks and colors by dialing in the desired effect. The colors and transparancies that you can achieve are vibrant and exciting.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Drawing Feels Good

Luraline- by Leo Germano
Kids love to pick up pencils, crayons or other drawing sticks, and make their marks. That great freedom of moving a hand across space and seeing a trail that is put down on a surface! A way of saying- I am here- see what I have left as my record! Lines traveling, wiggles, cross-hatches and strokes that describe a thing. The object gets built by the lines and tones and comes up out of the paper. If we don't get too judgemental and critical, we can find great joy in the simple expression of marking in space. Leo is a natural draftsman, one who draws in a fluid way without a lot of hesitation. He finds the fun in his subject and gets his lines working to bring out the most simple yet interesting aspects of this ship.

Session with BAVC Group

Carrie's still life drawing in chalk on painted paper
Recently, we went over to our neighbors, the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) and worked with a group that was very ready to experience drawing. This was a new offering, a new way to spend a lunch hour in a creative zone. No one had ever delivered an art an art class to BAVC before so it was a kind of trial to gauge reception. There was great curiousity among a group of staff as to how this would feel and fit into their very busy schedules. But with a vision that a drawing has many benefits for this organization, we went in with a lot of confidence. Bringing along chalk, charcoal, paper blenders, and paper I had toned with latex paint, we set up a still life as the subject. We introduced what we wanted them to look for in our one hour session, gave a few sketching tips, and set out of the internal journey that one takes when diving into the act of seeing more and describing what is seen.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Open Studios gives chance to show big work

Leo is drawing from projected image of his photo
April 26-27th are the dates for our Mission Artists United Open Studios- a spring event that involves us along with many other artists who live and work close to us in this rich Mission district for art making. It is time when the public is invited and encouraged to come on out and see what happens when artist meet their media head on and bring their ideas to a visual conclusion. In our case, it involves drawing and that can happen in a variety of way. Leo found some old negatives from his trip to Genoa,
Italy in the late 60's and wanted to draw upon this industrial subject. His love of details, structure and patterns are in evidence as his works off a projected image and does his own selecting of what to highlight or leave in shadow.